My Tours

My Tours

Here are the main ideas of the tours I offer,
But any idea that comes to your mind we can fulfill together.

Bar Mitzvah trip

The Bar Mitzvah Year is so much special
And it should be celebrated in a special way

What is more worthy and respectful than
a cost to Torah at the foot of the Western Wall mourners

We offer you to take care of the all the necessary logistics.
Arrange the ceremony next to the Western Wall, or in any other place chosen by the client including Masada.
Take care of reserving the Rabbi, still & video photographer, food and drinks, restaurant reservation and more.
Plan the tour with the moto of Fun & Values.
Make this not just another vacation, but also a meaningful event such as taking part in volunteering projects.

Tour Israel whit Children

• Caliber 3 anti-terror training 
• Children's museum in Chulon 
• Time Elevator •
• Treasure Hunt •
• Learn to be a guide •
• Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem •
• Train blind dogs.•

And so much more

• Bethlehem •
• Jericho •
• Nazareth •
• Capernaum •
• Magdalah •
• Ein-Karem •

I the Footsteps of Jesus

Off the Beaten Track

• Bicycle tours •
• Nature trails •
• Birds watching •
• Meet the locals •
• Dine at local residents houses •

The Israeli Wars

Since its inception, the State of Israel has struggled with neighboring countries and Arab countries in general. Wherever you set foot throughout Israel, you will be able to see a memory of a battle, a fence or a soldier who was there. Border exploration and standing up for Israel's warlike and defensive nature can teach you the difficulties and extraordinary survivability of this small country that never ceases to fight for its right to exist.  On this tour you will learn and even meet and experience a variety of things:

• Machon-Ayalon (bullets factory)
• Ammunition hill
• Independence trail
• Geo political tour in Jerusalem
• The Golan Height battle fields
• The Jerusalem civil center

Special the Bible comes to Life sites
Tel Megiddo

• The City of David •
• Tel-Dan •
• Temple-Mount & the Western-Wall •
• The Jezreel Valley •
• The Ayalon Valley •
• Tel Megiddo •

City of David
The Jezreel Valley

Sixty percent of Israel is a desert, which means that it gets less than 200mm or 8 inches of precipitation annually. So why go there? To explore, experience and marvel: 

• Hi-Tec agriculture reversing the global trend of desertification,
• The UNESCO World Heritage Incense Trade Route,
• The breath taking Makhteshs (erosion craters) allowing one to ascend into the geological history of the earth,
• Nomadic communities, the Bedouin, who have live in the desert for centuries using camels for transportation. Yes, you can ride one too,
• Modern Israeli communities,
• Jeep tours that go where few have gone before,
• The Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve where wild life that has become extinct in the Holy Land is being restored,
• The Bird Sanctuary next to the resort city of Eilat where people come from all over the world for watching hundreds of millions of birds that cross the area,
• Lodging in exotic tents or pampering hotels,
• And how about sandboarding on white sand dunes, biking in a mine or watch stars in a nature reserve dedicated to stars' light. And there is so much more…

Let the excitement begin!

Desert Tours