let's Plan a tour

let's Plan your tour

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Group composition – I need to know the number of group/family members and their age in order to plan the trip correctly. For example, if there are children, we should include various fun attractions that will make your children happy and satisfied. Therefore, I would be happy to receive as much information about your family/group as possible.

Attractions – Israel is full of attractions located across the country. I would be happy to recommend you the most interesting sites and attractions this country has to offer.  

Hotels – I would be happy to recommend you hotels of various types. A suitable hotel is a significant part of a successful trip.
 I would be able to recommend you hotels with exce your overnight stays.

Transportation – as a tour guide, I also serve as a driver and provide the tourists with a spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle. The car will be selected according to the number of group members. In case of a family, I can arrange a large van with more than enough space for luggage, and in case of a larger group (over ten members), I would be able to arrange a minibus or a bus.

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