The North of Israel

The North of Israel

The North of Israel, also known as the Galilee, is an area of great historic and religious significance as well as home to some beautiful landscapes. It Borders the Sea of Galilee on one end and the Mediterranean Sea on the other:
Jerusalem has such a profound effect on its visitors, that some become delusional.

Taking it head-on requires careful planning taking into account the audience (children, youth, adults, etc.'), time constraints (day of the week, winter clock, sunrise) as well as physical constraints, food wishes, and shopping desires…

• Safed the capital of Kabala – the mysterious Jewish mysticism teaching as well as home to lovely art galleries,
• Acre where the Crusader's Kingdom awaits below the ground,
• Tel-Dan where the Jordan River starts and a Biblical Jewish city was uncovered,
• Nazareth where Christianity started,
• The beautiful city of Haifa, home the Baha'i floating gardens,
• Agamon Achulah, one of the most exciting natural reserves, a favored landing area for birds.

Let the excitement begin!

Cranes in Hula Valley, a major transit station in the wanderings to the cold lands
Typical window is framed in Jewish characterization, Safed
The upper level of the Gospel Church, Nazareth
The woodpeckers' headgear was carved by seawater. The total length of the woodpecker is about two hundred meters. There are two main branches that are interconnected
The gardens and Shrine of the Báb, including the bridge above the Haziyonuth Avenue
The upper level of the Gospel Church, Nazareth